What is this site?

This site (Japan Shogatsu Association) is currently downloading and selling photo data related to traditional Japanese culture. Please note that the product will not be delivered.

What are the benefits of this site?

  • ・There is no flight. Stop the 48-hour business trip, work easier ☆
  • ・Bless your smartphone! Photos are believed have saint power.
  • ・We can understand Japan only by looking at it.

Target person

  • ・Media related person such as TV, newspaper, magazine
  • ・Travel magazine planner
  • ・Blogger, writer, video distributor
  • ・Person who does work with PC
  • ・Any smartphone user

Features of this service

Many free materials! Even for a fee from only 100 yen! Very good value!

We include photographs of traditional culture of 10 prefectures of Japan carefully selected!

There is no flight. Stop the 48-hour business trip, work easier.

Using the photos and sentences on this site, you can quickly and easily create a content of introduction to Japanese culture.
If you purchase the photos on this site, you can use them for news articles such as TV, newspaper, magazines and so on.
You can also use it for blogs, web magazines, and YouTube videos.
In articles that introduce Japanese culture, you can quote and reprint explanatory texts of Japanese culture that were posted with photos on this site.

(In that case, however, please be sure to provide a link to the Japan Shogatsu Association or the name of the author. And if possible, please report the use to our association.)

Any reporters!

Now you can work quickly without having to do a business trip on a 48-hour flight back and forth in Japan.

Bless your smartphone! Photos are believed have saint power.

Many of the photographic motifs dealt with here are believed to possess saint powers in Japan.

Japan is a country with free religion. And Japan’s mystical power is not something that is given on the basis of strict discipline.

Whether you are a Muslim, Christian or Hindu, if you can accept the mystical power of these things, there is a good chance that the power can reach you.

On the standby screen of the mobile phone. For wallpaper of PC. In the New Year greeting card.

It is very reasonable for personal use.

When by using the photos on this site, it will surely bring good luck to yourself.

You can understand Japan only by looking at this site.

We Japan shogatsu association is operated for international mutual understanding. Our goal is to build a better international community by deepening cultural understanding between Japan and other countries. Minor traditional cultures that you have never seen in tourist magazines may also be found on this site.
And we make contents so that people who are not familiar with Japanese traditional culture can understand as much as possible.
You can understand Japanese tradition just by looking at it.


About available languages

Currently, the site is operated mainly in Japanese and English. Other languages ??may cause problems. We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you encounter any problems, please try switching to another language.
In addition, languages ??that can be used for ordering and inquiries are mainly Japanese and English. When there are inquiries etc. in other languages, it becomes correspondence using translation software, and the correct meaning may not be transmitted. Please be aware in advance

[Notice]May 4, 2019

When maintenance of this site, problems such as inability to access the product data have occurred.

The cause is currently under investigation, but this situation is likely to continue for some time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we appreciate your understanding.


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