Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Japan Shogatsu Association℠ has established the following privacy policy to build a system for protecting personal information and to thoroughly recognize the importance of and engage in efforts to protect personal information by all persons involved in managing and acquiring personal information on this website, and promises to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws and regulations and standards.

(*This document was originally written in Japanese, and this document is its translated version.)

1, Scope of Application of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out the policy that this website will comply with when handling personal information or equivalent information of customers.

“This website” refers to a website with a domain name starting with “” or “” However, the domain name of the URL “” is not within the scope of this privacy policy, and BASE’s privacy policy (Japanese / English) will apply.

This privacy policy is not compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore, we do not recommend the use of this website by those subject to the application of the GDPR.

2, Collection of Personal Information

When this website collects personal information from customers, it will do so through legal and fair means.

3, Management of Personal Information

This website thoroughly implements security measures to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, and implements safety measures to prevent dangers such as leakage, tampering, and unauthorized access to personal information, and constantly strives for quality improvement.

The management of personal information is the responsibility of the manager, and it is strictly managed to prevent access by anyone other than the responsible person.

To prevent important information from being read or tampered with by third parties, this website uses encryption of communication by SSL.

Personal information collected by this website is stored on web servers, in-house PCs, and external service servers.

4, Use of Personal Information

Our site will use the information provided by our customers for the following purposes:

  • For identity verification
  • For confirmation and response to inquiries, comments, etc.
  • For distribution and delivery of email newsletters, direct mail, various notifications, etc.
  • For conducting campaigns, surveys, monitoring, interviews, etc.
  • For providing, improving, developing, and marketing services
  • For providing personal information to affiliated business partners, organizations, etc. based on customer consent and applications
  • For investigating prohibited acts as stipulated in our terms of use, etc.
  • For conducting certification examinations and issuing certificates of qualification
  • For other purposes to which the customer has individually consented

Our site will use the personal information collected from customers within an appropriate range. However, in cases where individual usage ranges are set for each purpose of use, the individual usage range shall take precedence.

5, Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except in cases where there are legitimate reasons, including but not limited to:

  • With the customer’s consent
  • Based on laws and regulations
  • Necessary to protect human life, body, or property
  • Necessary for public health and healthy upbringing of children
  • Required by law to cooperate with government agencies, etc. (e.g. tax investigations, statistical surveys, etc.)

Our site will not provide personal information to third parties. However, we may entrust personal information to other businesses within the necessary scope for achieving the purpose of use.

6, Response to Disclosure, Correction, Change, Deletion, etc. of Personal Information

In the event that there is a request for disclosure, correction, change, deletion, etc., we will respond individually based on our site’s prescribed method.

For those outside of Japan, we will provide stricter responses according to the methods described ”Privacy Policy for Foreign Test Takers” or else.

If there is no specific method described in this Privacy Policy, including any special rules, please contact us using the inquiry form on our website for more information.

7, Cookie

Our website may use cookie information. Cookies are mechanisms that store users’ browsing history on their computers.

We may use cookies to display advertisements on our website. This enables us to identify users’ browsers, but does not personally identify individuals. However, we do not directly collect or manage cookie information for advertising purposes. The display service provider for advertising, such as “Google Adsense” and “Amazon Associate,” collects this information. In adition, we use third-party advertising services such as “Google Adsense” and “Amazon Associate” to generate income.

We use “Google Analytics,” a service provided by Google, for website analysis and improvement. This service uses cookies to collect traffic data, which is collected anonymously and does not personally identify individuals.

Users can disable cookies and refuse their collection through their browser settings. However, if cookies are disabled, some of our services and functions may not work properly. For details on how to disable cookies and information on “Google Adsense,” please refer to

8, Embedded Content from Other Websites

Our website may include embedded content (videos, images, posts, etc.) from other websites. Embedded content behaves exactly the same as if the visitor had visited that website.

These websites may collect your data, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor interactions with embedded content.

If you are logged into an account on that website, tracking of interactions with embedded content is also included.

9, Disclaimer

We make every effort to publish accurate and safe information on the content and information of this site, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or safety. Please note that we are not responsible for any damages or losses caused by the content posted on this site.

We are not responsible for any information or services provided on other sites accessed through links or banners from this site.

The displayed fees on our website are subject to change without prior notice.

10, Copyright, Portrait Rights, Links, and Quotations

The copyright, portrait right, and other rights of all contents (text, images, videos, audios, files, etc.) posted on this website are owned by the website owner or respective right holders. Unauthorized use (reproduction, copying, transfer, secondary use, etc.) without permission is prohibited, except as permitted by copyright law. Additionally, modification, alteration, or addition to the content in any way is strictly prohibited.

If there are any legal issues with the posted content, please contact us directly from the respective right holder. We will respond promptly.

Permission or notification is not required when linking to this site.

When quoting copyrighted materials for academic purposes, please include the source and link to the relevant page. However, please refrain from using direct links to image files or displaying them in HTML pages using inline frames.

In particular, the unauthorized use of portraits on non-academic web pages, even if based on the above citation practices, is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with strictly by legal means.

11, Implementation, Review, and Improvement of this Policy

We will continuously review and improve this privacy policy in response to changes in laws and other factors.

In the event of a dispute or other conflict arising between our association, users, and third parties, we shall mutually and in good faith endeavor to resolve the matter. In the event that legal action or other judicial intervention is necessary to resolve the dispute, the Maebashi District Court shall be the exclusive agreed-upon jurisdictional court of first instance.

This privacy policy may be changed without prior notice.

Changes to this privacy policy will be effective at the time they are posted on this site.

12, Contact Information

For inquiries regarding the personal information protection of this association, please contact the following address:

1623-2 Ishihara,
Shibukawa City,
Gunma Prefecture,
Japan Shogatsu Association℠
Personal Information Management Department

Revision history:

  • 2023/04/30 Updated the Japanese version to correspond with the newly created English version.
  • 2022/07/08 Revised (link).
  • 2018/05/19 Created (link).

Privacy Policy for Foreign Test Takers

The Association is located in Japan, but in order to provide services to overseas based on our principles, complying with domestic laws in Japan is not sufficient. Personal data protection laws outside Japan are often more stringent than those in Japan, such as the CCPA, COPPA, FERPA laws in the United States, and the GDPR law in the EU. Therefore, to provide more comprehensive protection to those subject to these laws and to comply with the more stringent personal data protection laws, we have established the following special rules.

1, Definitions

”Foreign test takers refer” to non-Japanese nationals or individuals residing outside Japan who take the examinations organized by the association, which are not subject to the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan.

However, the association does not individually confirm whether a test taker is a foreign test taker or a domestic test taker when conducting the examination. In most cases, if the address or name is outside Japan, the test taker is presumed to be a foreign test taker based on the discretion of the staff. If you are unsure whether you are a foreign test taker or a domestic test taker, please confirm by contacting us from the inquiry form.

2, Retention Period for Personal Information of Foreign Test Takers and Validity Period of Certificates

The retention period for personal information of foreign test takers who have been issued certificates of passing shall be one year from the date of issuance.

The validity period for the “procedure to prove the validity of the certificate of passing” (hereinafter referred to as the “guarantee period”) shall also be one year from the date of issuance of the certificate of passing.

The “procedure to prove the validity of the certificate of passing” refers to a service that verifies its validity by comparing it with the examination database held by the association when there is an inquiry as to whether the certificate of passing was issued correctly. Even if the guarantee period has expired, the certificate of passing is still valid, but the association can only prove its validity if it falls within the guarantee period.(Please have a look at this link for more information about the “procedure for proving the validity of a certificate of passing.”)

Personal information that has exceeded the retention period shall be promptly disposed of.

Under no circumstances will the guarantee period be extended. If you wish to extend the guarantee period, you must retake the exam.

The personal information of foreign test takers who did not pass the exam or who did not issue a certificate of passing shall be promptly disposed of after the end of the examination period.

3, Deletion of personal information by overseas examinees’ request

Requests for deletion of personal information of overseas examinees related to this exam will not be accepted except in special circumstances. All personal information will be uniformly disposed of at the expiration of the retention period.

Firstly, this exam allows a certain number of attempts per account. If personal information can be deleted upon the request of the examinee, it would allow for fraudulent activity of registering again and retaking the exam. This is not in line with the administration of the exam.

In addition, since the issuance of a certificate of qualification is a paid service, it is considered the obligation of the association to keep the personal information of the qualified person during the warranty period of the certificate. Intentionally shortening the warranty period would be detrimental to examinees, so requests for deletion cannot be accepted except in special circumstances.

4, Changes and corrections of personal information

Changes to personal information of overseas examinees will not be allowed except for minor typographical errors, as it can lead to fraudulent activities such as impersonation.

If a qualified person wants to register with a new address or name after the issuance of the certificate, they need to retake the exam and reissue the certificate.

5, Disclosure of personal information (Certificate validation service)

The procedure for proving the validity of the certificate of qualification by the association can be carried out by attaching a photograph of the certificate and following the prescribed procedure.

If the photograph of the certificate is available, this procedure can be carried out not only by the qualified person but also by others.

This service is a paid service and can only be answered by postal mail.

This service applies only to certificates of passing issued within the warranty period.

This service can answer whether the certificate is valid or not, and if it is invalid, the reason for invalidity will be notified. However, personal information associated with the certificate cannot be answered.

6, Revision of special provisions

If Japan’s Personal Information Protection Law is strengthened by future legal revisions, this special provision may also apply to domestic examinees in Japan.

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