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Selected brand rice cake 1kg.

Product appeal

Rice cakes are good luck items in Japan. These are believed to take us God bless.

Rice cake called “Mochi” in Japan.
This food has thought one of good luck item in classic Japan.
And in the new year days many of Japanese eat this unique food.
This is traditional unique culture in Japan, then we would like to export it all of the world. Because this culture have believed that it make us happily.

We ought to have said first.
We are Japan shogatsu association.
The “Shogatsu” means “New year days” or “new year anniversary” in Japan.
We export unknown traditional Japanese new year culture, and we make peace and happy in the world.

Rices are the most important food in classic Japan. Rice cakes are made grinding rice, it have been sacred act for ancient Japanese.

Made of 100% only rice made in Japan.

We select rice cake that made of 100% only rice made in Japan.
Japanese rice is made with a safe manufacturing method and is trusted.

We take care not to pollute the environment as much as possible when packing products.

Precautions when ordering

*We would select best customer’s benefit brand by situation and export from Japan directly. So you could not select brand when you order.
*Customs duty may be incurred on import.
*This product is for outside of Japan. We are not selling for internal of Japan.
*People otherside the United States cannot currently create account. If you would like delivery, please contact us from the inquiry form. In that case, correspondence in languages ​​other than English will be handled through Google translation. Please note.

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