[FreebiePhoto] Oshogatsu photo180021 [Kagami-mochi in a box]

I took a picture of New Year’s image.
It can be used free of charge as a material.


Took a picture of New Year’s image.
It is a freebie as a graphic material.

Comments from the shooting staff

Took a picture of the mirror mochi on a snowy day. How about directing seasonal feeling in January?

About “Oshogatsu photo180021 [Kagami-mochi in a box]”

Resolution 2592px × 1936px
Location Gunma Prefecture
Shooting time 2018/01/22 14:40
Camera model iPad
Aperture value f/2.4
Exposure time 1/15sec
ISO speed ISO-50
Exposure compensation 0 steps
Focal length 4 mm
Metering mode spot

About Photographer of “Oshogatsu photo180021 [Kagami-mochi in a box]”

Photo by Mister Oshogatsu
Photographer’s website https://www.oshogatsu.net
Photographer’s comment Taking advantage of our many years of experience as a graphic designer, we aim to create easy-to-use photo materials that take into account the position of “people who use photos as materials”.

The quality of the photograph as a work is also important, but when you try to use the photograph for a book or on the web, can you draw an important part? Are there any extraneous items in the picture? Can it be corrected? For example, we take photos with the in mind of how easy it is to handle as graphics.



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