Japan New Year Adviser℠ Exam [Beginner level]

Japan New Year Adviser Exam Column

In Japan, New Year’s anniversary is more important than Christmas. Japanese people call the New Year anniversary “Oshogatsu” and have cherished customs related to it as a traditional Japanese culture since ancient times.

The Japan New Year Adviser℠ Exam is an examination that allows you to deepen your knowledge about New Year traditions in Japan and gain a better understanding of Japanese culture. Through the knowledge gained from this exam, let’s build deeper relationships with people from around the world!

Three Points about the New Year Adviser℠ Exam

  1. Online Testing:
    During the test period, anyone, from anywhere in the world, can take the test online. Within the two-hour test times, you can research and get advice from others, so you can improve your skills while learning.
  2. Free of charge:
    There is no cost to take the test. Only those who require a certificate of passing the test need to pay for it.
  3. Up to five attempts:
    Even if you fail once, please do not give up and try again. Since you can try again, most people can pass the test.

How to Take the Exam

Applying for the exam is easy. No need to input sensitive personal information.

How to Take the Exam 1

Please answer the questions within the time limit.

How to Take the Exam 2

If you pass, you will receive a certificate of completion and have a chance to win amazing prizes.

How to Take the Exam 3

Purpose of the Exam Organizer, “Japan New Year Association℠”

We are the specialized research organization for Japan’s New Year culture, the Japan New Year Association℠. The culture of Japan’s New Year varies depending on the region. These are one of the most important elements that pass on the interest and depth of Japanese culture. However, since it has become too familiar to the Japanese, even Japanese people themselves do not realize the charm of this culture enough.

Therefore, we have created the “Japan New Year Exam” and decided to provide opportunities for learning with learning tools such as books and web contents. The Japan New Year Exam has multiple levels, but in the English version, we provide only the beginner level and want people outside of Japan to learn about the charm of New Year online.

Experience the Rich Culture of Oshogatsu: Discover the Fascinating Japanese New Year Traditions

Happy New Year! This is your chance to grow yourself, by taking the Japan New Year Adviser℠ Exam. By taking this exam, you can enhance your skills and knowledge, and bring yourself to a higher level.

By taking this exam, you can learn about Japanese New Year traditions and culture. This knowledge is new to many foreigners, and by learning it, you can improve your cross-cultural understanding and deepen your relationship with Japan.

This year, it’s time to spread Japanese New Year culture to the world. Why don’t you challenge the New Year Adviser℠ Exam and become an ambassador of Japanese culture? Share the knowledge and skills you gain from this exam with those around you and spread it all over the world.

The Japan New Year Adviser℠ Exam may give you a new perspective on life. By learning about Japanese culture, new possibilities may open up, and your life may become more enriched. We believe that your efforts will be rewarded, and you will achieve great results. Let’s seize the opportunity together to change the world!

Overview of Japan New Year Adviser℠ Exam [Beginner level]

During the New Year’s holiday season, Japan has a unique culture that cannot be seen in other countries. There are many traditional customs and practices, such as hatsumode (the first shrine visit of the year), nengajou (New Year’s greeting cards), osechi-ryori (traditional New Year’s cuisine), and kadomatsu (bamboo and pine decorations). The Beginner’s Level New Year’s Test is the perfect opportunity to learn about Japan’s New Year culture. The test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions and is designed for beginners. During the time limit, you can research or cheat while answering the questions. Passing the test allows you to obtain a certificate (which will be mailed from Japan) for a fee, which will also boost your motivation to learn.

Sample questions include:

  • Which of the following is not a Japanese traditional New Year’s food?
    1, Ozoni 2, Osechi 3, Oshiroi

By answering these questions, test-takers can acquire basic knowledge about Japan’s New Year culture. In addition to the test being available in foreign languages, it is also offered in Japanese during the year-end and New Year’s holiday season, making it useful for those who want to improve their Japanese language skills. Challenge yourself and learn about Japan’s attractive New Year culture by taking this test.

Detail of Japan New Year Adviser℠ Exam [Beginner level]

Exam NameJapan New Year Adviser℠ Exam [Beginner Level]
Exam TypesOnly beginner level is available in the English version.
(Higher versions are only in Japanese.)
Exam LocationThe exam can be taken online.
Exam durationPublished – Oct 31, 2023
Japanese version : Nov 16th,2023 – Jan 15th, 2024
EligibilityNo specific requirements
(Anyone can take the exam, including non-Japanese people)
Target AgeIn the Japanese version, it is targeted towards 3rd grade elementary school students (age 8 – 9) and above.
Purpose of the ExamThe exam is not designed to test advanced knowledge. Its purpose is to learn about Japanese New Year culture, obtain a certificate of passing, and spread awareness of the interesting aspects of Japanese culture around the world.
Detailed Exam Content (Coverage, Format, Difficulty)The exam covers simple questions about Japanese New Year culture that are well-known in Japan, but may be challenging for non-Japanese people. Therefore, the English version allows two hours of exam time compared to the 40 minutes in the Japanese version.

– A maximum of five attempts are allowed per account during the exam period.
– The exam consists of 20 three-choice questions, translated from last year’s Japanese version.
Examination time120 minutes
Passing scoreA passing grade is achieved with 70% or more correct answers.
Test methodCBT (Computer-Based Testing)
Getting advice and looking up information during the exam is allowed.
Exam Fee and Certification SystemThe exam is free to take. If passed, applicants may pay a fee to obtain a certificate of passing. The areas where certificates can be delivered are available on this URL (https://www.post.japanpost.jp/…)
Application MethodApplicants can apply for the exam through the dedicated website and take the exam online. While exam period, after applying, applicants can take the exam immediately.
Learning MethodExplore the quiz while referring to this page.

Issuance of Certificate of Pass

There are special benefits for those who receive the certificate of passing.

The certificate of qualification will be delivered with a limited edition original bromide of Rippy, which can only be obtained here. Rippy, a talented young woman who is still in elementary school, achieved a perfect score on the Japanese version of the 2022 New Year Adviser℠ Exam and was also chosen as Miss Oshogatsu. For Japanese people, children are believed to have a sacred power. The Miss Oshogatsu changes every year, so if you don’t get Rippy’s bromide now, you won’t be able to get it again.

If you pass the exam but do not pay for a certificate of passing, you will not be recognized as an official passing candidate. The certificate costs money, and shipping within Japan costs 3,300 yen (including shipping and taxes). If you want to ship overseas, additional fees will apply. The certificate comes with a special original bromide from the “Miss Oshogatsu”.

To get the certificate, you will need to go to a dedicated online shop after you pass the exam. You will need to use the same email address you used to register for the exam to order the certificate. The administrators will check your email address to confirm that you passed and will then send you the certificate.

It takes about a month to receive the certificate by mail. Depending on the shipping method and your location, it could take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive, so please make sure to take the exam with plenty of time. The certificate is guaranteed for one year after it is issued. For more information, please refer to the association’s privacy policy.


If a certificate of qualification is issued, the “procedure to prove the validity of the certificate of passing” service can be used for one year from the date of issuance of the certificate. This service issues a document certifying whether the certificate of qualification issued by the association is valid, and the procedure can be performed even by non-qualifiers. However, after one year from the date of issuance of the certificate of qualification, according to our privacy policy, personal information of the qualifiers will be discarded, so this procedure cannot be performed.

“正月アドバイザー (Japan New Year Adviser℠) ” is a registered trademark in Japan. Prior permission is required to use the servicemark. Please consult with us separately regarding business expansion overseas. Japanese individuals can also take the exam, but permission is also required for the use of the servicemark.


Can I take the exam outside of Japan?

You can take the exam from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. However, our association cannot fully comply with the GDPR law, which is a strict personal information protection law in the EU. Therefore, we do not recommend using our service for EU residents who cannot understand this.

I’m not good at Japanese, can I take the exam in English?

Yes. The English version has questions and answers written in English, with additional information in Japanese.

How can I pay the exam fee?

The exam fee is free, so you do not need to pay. However, if you want a certificate of passing the exam, there will be a fee.

What are the benefits of passing the exam?

Passers can demonstrate their skills to others by issuing a certificate of passing the exam. Additionally, the certificate includes a limited edition Miss Oshogatsu bromide that can only be obtained here.


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